Gofive Office Extension.

States 40 minutes from Bangkok city center, this office has to be standalone and self-sustained at its best. The func- tionality, operability, aesthetically have to be the priority to achieve best office for staffs to stay all day long.

Layering the principality of digital workflows.

The open planned office allows directors to monitor the activities inside the office, in the other hand, this also reducing the stress of staff as by non-fixed station, they can work anywhere they prefer.

The hierarchy of function is the sale point of the project as guest can enter the office without frustrating the staff, staff can easily be shifting their environment in between work>casual>meeting>rest.

The timber is on the warm tone but adding some red tint to allow more modern and younger feeling. The colorful selection of furniture helps to activate new mood and unbearable. In addition, some special functions are added such as nap corner, beanbag discussion corner, white- board, brainstorming corner and also amphitheater.