The Statement.

In order to create the Western yet Japanese feeling of the design elements, we’re allowed to use the warm materiality such as timber, slate, concrete to decrease the rough and rumble from the outside environment. In addition, we created perforated carving pattern to make it wise and subtle also generated from the corporate identity of the Origin investment property brand.

The Villa expresses the materiality and the fluidity throughout the space. To enhance the nature into the space, we introducing the warmthness and softness texture for extending the ease of stay for the house.

The “Statement” named from this special chamber where it’s the most luxurious space of the villa. Conveying the rich composition of the materiality inspired by the tropical Indo-European tea ceremony room.

The family area is totally a great place for both living and studying. We proposing the multi-functional joineries for extending the variability of storage, ensuring both children and adults are perfectly dwelled.

While the overall aesthetic is very contemporary yet, the study and bedrooms are slightly trades into the traditional American-Italian design with very rich textures but plain materials and colours.