Peace of mind.

Bring out the reminiscent of Classical orders into the modern yet luxury design. Designed with all details in mind for a modern way of living implementation.

Flexible Space Adjustable and versatile to create “your” ideal living space. The foyer settles in the earlymost approaches, leaving you to expan the sight throughout the entire house’s public area.

The openness of foyer is fully functioned by special windows between the living area, where every cocktail recipes and welcome drinks can be enjoyed with friends or guests throughout entire the great room.

Expanded windows expand your sight and live in an extensive perspective, also expansion of the ventilation to cooling out the greatroom all day long.

Owing to this fact, we design to set the living unit that effectively function in an

equally impressive connectivity to the dining and pantry without struggle. 

Reflective the Classical touch and feeling with the panoramic wall of decorative joineries from the entry hall continueues to the dry pantry which also giving users the remarkable functionality.

While staircases settle for relationship of lowerfloor and upperfloor,

we generate most comfortable touch and feel and leaving it to be uncomplicated to walkthrough.

Family room on the right pushes you throughout entier a chill day while drinking coffee or wines will be just so simple by the minibar at the foremost of the room. Also study desk serves great concentration for a bit busy day.

A little move to the private are where we could suggest the vestibule to block some privacy and adding some interconnectivities to the sight. 

The Master bedroom is far more than just a bedroom while living and staying functions are also take a place to marque the relaxation and meditation of living.