Tiny house but full of warmness. The house rises 3-storey but contains only 90 sq.m. To allows user to stay in the house for a daily basis, the house has to provide enough and proper funtionality.

tiny but breathable.

Only 93 sq.m. of the entire building, we enclosed the building with partition yet enlarge the eyesight with openings. Timber helps to soften the harshness of the square and tiny space. Also, to mention the functionality of each joinery must be most effective for storage.

Most of the freestanding fixtures are well selected for ease of living. Tiny study hall for users can be enjoyed all day long by enhancing many configurations of seating posture. The double volume highlights the space and enhances the openness from ground floor to mezzanine. Also cats are friendly welcomed to stay in the entire house.

Bringing the characteristic of the gable roof to enlarge the volume of the room, giving the breathable feeling throughout the space. The design is only subtle state, leaving the architecture speaks itself.

Most furniture is freestanding to increase versatility and does not block the view to the nature.