Digital Agency Headquarter.

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Cherry House.

Tiny house but full of warmness. The house rises 3-storey, contains only 90 sq.m. To allows users to stay in the house for a daily basis, the house has to provide enough and proper funtionality.

Shoppe House.

The forty years old existing shophouse, spanned of 4x4 meter for each gridline, acts like an aged beautiful blank canvas, looking for design to incorporate.

EGG Furniture Collections.

Enrolling the moment of the calmness space for living. EGG has invited us for design a space which speaks out the characteristic and craftsmanship of the furniture dessign and manufacturing company.

Gofive Office Extension.

States 40 minutes from Bangkok city center, this office has to be standalone and self-sustained at its best. The func- tionality, operability, aesthetically have to be the priority to achieve best office for staffs to stay all day long.

Nicha Pride Bachelor's.

Ease of stay within the city enclosure, the Niche condominium contains this room as a casual and comfort staycation apartment for bachelor's.

The Investment Lounge.

Evoking the Intercultural of Japanese x European culture inspired design creating the proper lounge for the gentle conversation for settling the deal.

The Statement.

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Rin Residence.

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