The Consonance.

As situated in suburban, one of the most peaceful area in Bangkok. The architecture is a blocky L-shape building surrounds the courtyard and the pool.

That’s why we came in to the way to make our user just stay calm in there house and joyful with the space. All of the functions are connected each other

by visual. Every doors, partitions and the openness are designed for incrementation of visibility as possible.

The kitchen in daily basis is the center of family relationship. An island counter states to make a sense of familiar to the design. The cozy feeling pops out of a

large marble slab.

In order to create the modern yet cozy feeling of an element in the design, we’re allowed to use the cleanliness of the materials such as steel, marble,

concrete to decrease the rough feeling of modern style. In addition, we created perforated carving pattern to make it wise and subtle.

Master bedroom is connected to the terrace and split by giant glass doors, making the room very airy and unique. The built-in cabinet doors are

glass along with the seamless strip light to make luxury feeling.

A little move to the private are where we could suggest the vestibule to block some privacy and adding some interconnectivities to the sight. 

The Master bedroom is far more than just a bedroom while living and staying functions are also take a place to marque the relaxation and meditation of living.