The way of tea (C H À D O)

First time that the oriental and the royal intercultural sensation witholds in the same place and same time, saying that advantages should help people who just glance or people who seek for this ingre- dient to enjoy their vibes.

Fostering the tranquility to the lounge near- by the chaotic of the city center where the Origin IP Lounge x Tsujiri placed to barricade up the unnecessary environ- ment and to maintain the most privacy.

In order to create the Western yet Japanese feeling of the design elements, we’re allowed to use the warm materiality such as timber, slate, concrete to decrease the rough and rumble from the outside environment. In addition, we created perforated carving pattern to make it wise and subtle also generated from the corporate identity of the Origin investment property brand.

That’s why we came in to the way to make our user just to be calm in there enclosed yet pleasant and joyful with the space. All of the functions are connected each other by visual.